Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September Viewing and offers update

A query on Twitter prompted me to post an analysis of the web traffic for our properties.

@FirstPoint P asked if properties were being viewed online by prospective purchasers before they make an appointment for a physical viewing.

We post properties on and ,which is our own site.

For the month of September, where we had 71 physical viewings, the following stats are revealing: Visitors 6,420 Page Views 7,238 Visitors 2,663 Page Views 24,701

The higher page view ratio on our site is because it is targeted at Tipperary/Clonmel property buyers, so a visitor there is “on a mission”, rather than daft, where the majority of clicks are from Dublin based PC’s.

The most revealing figures summarising the current property market are that despite a total of 31,939 virtual viewings for the month of September, there were only 71 physical viewings.

Go figure!


  1. Great information, Pat. Love what you are doing online. Keep it up. Transparency will be rewarded.

  2. Thanks Paul. Transparency is what is needed, now more than ever!