Friday, May 1, 2009

April viewing and offer figures

When posting the March figures earlier this month, I said “Viewing levels for the month of April to date are up. It will be interesting to see if this is maintained for the whole month.”
Well, the bad news is, it hasn’t been maintained.

Here they are:
April 2008: Viewings 179 Offers 48
April 2009: Viewings 52 Offers 48

Viewings are down.
The good news is that offers are up.
This is partly explained by the sale of 2 small farms, the first for the year, which generated huge interest. There were many offers for both of them in various formats, prior to their sale.

On the housing front, viewings are down this month, compounding the feeling of gloom in the marketplace following the Budget and the general air of uncertainty concerning jobs and the economy.
Locally, Clonmel is doing relatively well. Our employers in healthcare are robust, their industries seeming less affected than others.

Other industries though are feeling the pressure and this is feeding a reluctance to spend or make any big decisions, such as buying a house.

Retailers in most market segments are under pressure.
Those offering exceptional value for money seem to be surviving well and making sales.

It is the same with housing, pricing is all-important.

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