Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas with Pierogi and Spirytus

Having delivered the presents to some of our tenants, I was asked by the last Polish couple to join them for pierogi and a drink.

Pierogi are polish dumplings, these were made with pickled cabbage and wild mushrooms.

The drink was a homemade liquer, brewed from Spirytus (a potent distilled almost neat alcohol) mixed with raspberries and sugar.

Great to block the -1C temperatures in Clonmel at noon today!

Happy Christmas and New Year to all, or indeed, Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia to all.

See you in the New Year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Art Hive pop-up exhibition in Market Place, Clonmel

On Tuesday last, I gave keys of a vacant unit in Market Place (close to Superquinn) to Brigid Teehan of Art Hive, a local art group.
She and a number of associates have organised a "pop-up" exhibition in the unit.
The property owners kindly provided the vacant space for free for the run.
Here are pictures of some of the artwork on display.

The exhibition runs 12-6pm Friday to Sunday 20th December.
Drop in for a look.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Art Hive Exhibition in Market Place, Clonmel

We have just handed the keys of a vacant unit at Market Place, Clonmel to Art Hive.

Art Hive are a local group of artists in various disciplines.

They are running an exhibition which opens Thursday 17th at 5.30 and then runs 12-6pm Friday-Sunday 20th.

The exhibition is in support of Cuan Saor.

Exhibiting are: Bill J Doyle, Brigid Teehan, Violeta Pserackaite, Ian Mannion, Kristina Olechiene, Dennis Ryan and Carol Murphy.

They are going to transform this unit in less than 48 hours!

We wish them success.

Drop in and do the same.

IAVI response to Budget

Responding to the measures announced in the Budget, the Irish Auctioneers & Valuers Institute (IAVI) President, Ms Aine Myler, said Budget 2010 will have no major impact for the property sector.

With regard to mortgage interest relief, she said, “For home buyers purchasing before July 2011, interest relief will apply for seven years. We welcome this move to protect new entrants to the market but remain concerned about those who are in struggling to pay existing mortgages.”

“The IAVI has continuously called for a more equitable property-related tax to replace stamp duty. We note the Minsters’ proposal regarding a site valuation tax. It will involve an intensive and lengthy process and is likely to take a number of years to prepare the register of site valuations on which to base the tax.

When the site tax is eventually introduced, it is imperative that there are transitional arrangements made for those who have already paid penal levels of stamp duty.

“The IAVI broadly welcomes the proposal to undertake an efficiency review of the local authority sector. For 32 years, these bodies have been seriously underfunded and the burden on business has gown exponentially.

“The IAVI feels that there was a missed opportunity in the ‘green agenda’ and feel that a greater investment in this area would have yielded greater employment opportunities across the building industry and a significant improvement in energy savings,” she said.

The Irish Auctioneers & Valuers Institute (IAVI) represents around 1,800 fully qualified auctioneers, estate agents, valuers and property professionals throughout Ireland and abroad.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tipperary Food Producers in Main Guard

Tipperary Food Producers, fronted by local butcher Pat Whelan of ran a promotion in the Main Guard today. It was great to see the town centre civic space being used for such a venture. It copper-fastened my view that the town centre should be pedestrianised, such was the buzz and general feeling of goodwill generated, in part it must be said by the mulled wine proferred by Garry Gubbins of !
Other suppliers present included the excellent as well as craft biscuit and cheese-makers and more.

Pat Whelan at his stand.

His produce.

Local samplers!

The Main Guard

Adrian Dooley of Tasty Treats

Garry Gubbins of Red Nose Wine
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