Thursday, September 24, 2009

It’s the little things!

This is our office window.

Until yesterday, the 3 sections were the same.

Details of properties on our headed paper, together with a photo and price.

As the property market has fallen, some prices have reduced by a small amount, some substantially.

These price reductions were put on our front window, but did not seem to generate much interest.

Yesterday, I did the price reduced details in a different format.

Non-branded paper. Large red border. Headline “Substantially reduced”.

We put these in the centre section of the window last night.

It is 4.15pm as I write and already today 19 separate walk-in enquiries have come from the Substantially Reduced section!

Some of them are great value.

Yes that is €75,000 for a cottage!

Simplicity, clarity, singleness works as well in window display as in life.

Fethard views from the road

Appointments took me all around the outskirts of Fethard today.

I lived and worked in Fethard for a lot of my life, but although it is just 8 miles from Clonmel, I am not there as often anymore.

The surrounding countryside is beautiful, with views to Slievenamon in one direction and the Comeraghs in the other.

The town itself is fabulous with well-preserved town walls, surrounding a quaint but busy town centre.

Coolmore Stud is the engine of Fethard, with a huge equine industry in the town.