Wednesday, November 11, 2009

October Viewing and Offer figures

In a normal year (ie, one where there is availability of finance!) November and December are our quietest months, as the run-up to Christmas, shorter days and poor weather take its toll on the property-viewing public.

This year, October has seen the start of a rapid fall-off in activity, both against last month and last year.

Here they are:

October 2008 Viewings 97 Offers 44

October 2009 Viewings 41 Offers 19

As you can see, activity is less than half of last years.

Lack of mortgage availability is the main force at work.

Web figures for this month are interesting also: Visitors 7,043 Page Views 8,255 : Visitors 2,574 page Views 22,396

So a total of 30,651 virtual viewers, versus 31,939 last month, approx 4% lower.

The web figures, which have been similar all year, show that interest in property remains static.

However, all else has changed.

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