Thursday, December 4, 2008

Single-Parent Jesus

My mother recently visited Woodies in the Poppyfield Retail Park to purchase a crib for Christmas. She duly purchased one and brought it home. On unpacking it, she found a baby Jesus, Mary, cow, donkey, 3 wise men, straw, crib etc, but no Joseph. She rang the shop, who said they would change it for her.

When she got to the store later, she met the girl she had spoken to on the phone, who informed her that she had checked all the other crib boxes and there was no Joseph in any of them! Seems the product, made in China, did not have a Joseph included at design stage. Or maybe in these recessionary times, Joseph was deemed superfluous and subjected to cutback. It was after all an Immaculate Conception!

In any event, whether through cutbacks, a non-Christian manufacturer or a modern single-parent take on the Nativity, there is no Joseph in Woodies cribs.

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