Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bulmers layoffs

One of Clonmel's flagship industries, Cider maker Bulmers, is to cut 103 jobs at its plant in Clonmel.

Aidan Murphy, a Director at C&C Group, told staff this morning that up to 50 management jobs will go, with the balance coming from a reduction in operators.

Murphy said: 'Today is a very difficult day for the company as we implement a number of redundancies, right across the business.
'This action is necessary in order to protect future jobs and safeguard the viability of the company.'
Two years ago, Bulmers employed more than 600 workers, following a huge expansion on the back of improved cider sales. At that stage 150 were let go, now a further reduction of 103 will go through voluntary redundancies.
Last week, a number of senior management people were let go.

This is a sad day for Clonmel, but it is a particularly bleak day for the staff who are losing their jobs. These workers and their families still have mortgages to pay, children to get through school and all in an uncertain jobs environment.
Our thoughts are with them.


  1. jaysus, bulmers is laying people off! times are hard.

    it might not surprise you to know that i was an avid fan of the flagon of cider growing up in galway. i can taste it now.

  2. Hi Vinny, Maybe if you still lived in Ireland, sales might be better! Very tough day for a lot of people here. Looks like C&C over-invested in plant after one good year of sales. The following years were not as good, but the money was spent. They have one of the best plants in the world, but not enough sales to utilise it fully. Hope they can see a way out.

  3. Maybe they should try selling it over here. They have made some half-hearted attempts at marketing it over here, as MAGNERS. but they've never done it right. they never made a splash in the drinking culture. i know i could make college students swill it back in the hot american summer. it's even easier to drink than Budweiser. that's the natural market.

    i know it (the pint bottle) experienced a surprisingly big bump in popularity a few years back in ireland and the uk.

    maybe they should give me a call.

  4. Maybe they should Vinny. I will put the suggestion to the relevant person. You will certainly know the brief!

  5. Unfortunately Vinney the Bulmers has to be advertised abroad as Magners as (S&N UK) own the rights to the Bulmers name internationally.Its a shame because it aint a patch on own own stuff.I'd actually sooner drink dishwater..