Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clonmel Voucher Scheme

As previously posted, I am taking part in the Clonmel Chamber sponsored exercise on improving the town.
The plan is that by “brain-storming” the various issues that arise around the town, a cogent report will be prepared that can be presented to the Borough Council for their consideration. As all the contributors are rate-payers, I hope we are listened to.
The first general meetings have focused on a Voucher shopping scheme for the town retailers.
A bonus, gift or payment up to a maximum of €250 per person per year is not liable for tax or PRSI (from employer or employee) provided it is not paid in cash.
To encourage those who get their earnings in Clonmel to spend in Clonmel, a Shopping Voucher Scheme will be introduced.
Clonmel Chamber will sell vouchers at face value.
Vouchers will be exchangeable for goods and services from participating Clonmel businesses.
Vouchers will not be exchangeable for cash.
Participating businesses will receive payment against valid vouchers at Clonmel Chamber in accordance with the terms of the Clonmel Shopping Voucher Agreement.
This has worked very well in other towns, so it will hopefully work just as well in Clonmel.

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